The sustainability of the Algerian Retirement system in the demographic transition | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 511-537

The Sustainability Of The Algerian Retirement System In The Demographic Transition

الكاتب : LAOUAR Sandra,


This research aims to study the various aspects of the demographic transition, which Algeria has experienced, through various demographic variables, representatives of low fertility rates and interest rates in the hope life and their repercussions on the financial balance of the retirement system as well as the durability in the process of demographic transition. The study concluded that the nature of the Algerian retirement system, which is on the distribution, exposure to the vagaries of demographic changes, hence the evolution of the ratio retired to the total actives’ Increase the expenditure of the system compared to its revenues, which leads to imbalance the whole system, and requirement have to be necessary reformed in order to preserve the sustainability of the retirement system.

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Retirement system, demographic transition, financial balance, sustainability of the pension system.

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