Revue algérienne des lettres
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 280-293

Interpreting Literature Through Linguistics: Inspection Of Empson’s Seven Types Of Ambiguity Through Blended Genre Corpus

Authors : Benamar Abdelhadi .


The present paper investigates the degree of assimilation of master students of literary criticism and the magnitude to which they respond in dealing with a blended corpus genre scrutiny. They are to depict and recognize, identify, describe and explain the implications of Empson’s ambiguities within the different presented pieces of writing to scrutiny. A prerequisite implementation of the very concepts, has been installed within the learning process of the course literature and literary criticism with an emphasis on an external behavioural environment through which the distance between subject-the reader-and the object-the text- is observed and measured. A course of B.F. Skinner Verbal Behaviour introduced by William James, is inserted within the teaching of modern criticism in order to strengthen a preprogrammed perspective. The latter aims at enabling the learner to approach the literary material in a more objective and science-based approach rather than which is usually observed in literature majority of students approaching the text thematically. Keywords: ambiguities, blended genres, behaviourism, literature, language. Introduction


Ambiguities, blended genres, ; Behaviourism ; Literature ; Language