algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 64-69

Photodegradation Of C.i. Acid Yellow 23 Using Immobilized ‎zno Under Sunlight Irradiation

Authors : Aoudjit L . Madjene‎ F . Lebik‎ H . Boutra B . Sebti‎ A . Igoud S .


The present study explored the possibility of using immobilized ‎ZnO to photodegradation C.I. Acid Yellow 23 (tartrazine) Through ‎this immobilization method, the separation process of fine zinc ‎oxide (ZnO) photocatalyst at the end of the treatment can be ‎avoided.The photocatalytic degradation of both dyes was ‎investigated under sunlight irradiation.The results showed that the ‎percentage of dye removal increased with decreasing initial dye ‎concentration and increasing irradiation time. For the dye ‎solution studied, higher removal efficiency was obtained under ‎acidic solution medium.The findings have shown the potential of ‎this application in dye removal from aqueous solution.‎


Photodegradation;‎ Immobilization;‎ ZnO;‎ C.I. Acid Yellow 23.‎