Revue de l'Algerian Petroleum Institute
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 52-59

Implementing An Hse Management System Within The Drilling Division Of Sonatrach

Authors : Mekiri Kamal .


Sonatrach aims to achieve high industry standards in health, safety and environmental. Sonatrach’s management believes that good HSE performance is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management. Sonatrach has adopted a very comprehensive policy “HSE Policy”, which consider five main principles as pillars for the implementation of the policy. These are: • Comply with legislations and legal requirements regarding HSE and make its own standards. • Develop a preventive risk management approach for HSE. • Ensure continuous performance improvement in HSE; • Ensure adequate HSE training for all Sonatrach employees. Develop the information and communication plan regarding HSE with its employees, partners and other third parties. Such broad goals can not be approached without a structured HSE Management System A Health Safety and Environment Management System (HSE-MS) describes the way an organisation is managed with respect to its stated objectives. HSE-MS provide continuity, identify areas for improvement and can be used to demonstrate that controls supported by procedures and documentation are in place. helps the Drilling Division to control the progress of the HSE-MS implementation. Sonatrach has recognised the importance and the synergy that it will be gained through managing health, safety and environmental issues all together. It is currently studying how an HSE-MS can be implemented successfully within its different divisions. As long as the Drilling Division is one of Sonatrach upstream divisions, it has to apply Sonatrach HSE policy through the implementation of an HSE-MS. This Study shows how to facilitate a successful implementation of an efficient HSE-MS within the Drilling Division of Sonatrach. It began by discussing the different steps needed to ensure an efficient preparation of the groundwork, and then it describes the HSE-MS of the E&P forum model and summarizes its requirements in a checklist that can be used for both the preliminary review and the implementation process of the HSE-MS. This study ends with explaining a method that can be used to quantitatively measure the performance of the HSE-MS and helps the Drilling Division to control the progress of the HSE-MS implementation.