Revue de l'Algerian Petroleum Institute
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 23-30

Control Of Major Accident Hazards On The Algerian Section Of The Pedro Duran Farell Gas Pipeline (gpdf\trc\sh)

Authors : Rahmani Samir .


Pipelines transporting hazardous material such as natural gas has being recognised as being major accident potential. This potential threat is increasing with the growing demand on natural gas that instigates the realisation of further gas pipeline systems. In this context the present paper aims to present an integrated approach that could prevent and control the major hazards which might rise from operating high pressure gas pipelines. This approach includes firstly, a Safety Management System which has to be melt in the general company management system and has to have effective and compatible interfaces with the different stakeholders’ activities. Secondly, it is a risk based approach that is supported by a structured risk assessment process which identifies the potential major hazards and quantifies their eventual consequences as well as their likelihood using deferent risk assessment techniques. Thirdly, this approach sets out and puts in place cost effective prevention and mitigation measures able to ensure the control of eventual major hazards. This approach must be fully implemented under the accountability of the line management and has to be supported by the top management in order to ensure its effectiveness.


gas pipeline, major accident hazard, risk analysis, individual risk, Safety Management System.