khazzartech الاقتصاد الصناعي
Volume 12, Numéro 2, Pages 49-66

Artificial Intelligence In The Modern Banking And Financial Industry (applications, Risks, Policies And Regulations)

Authors : Benlala Mejd Aures .


This article aims to highlight the importance of adopting artificial intelligence in the modern banking and financial industry, in areas such as asset and investment portfolio management, credit underwriting, smart contracts, and blockchain-based financial services. After a concise and simplified explanation of the operating modes of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the aforementioned areas of finance, this research paper highlights the role of artificial intelligence applications in increasing the competitive advantages of financial companies. Then, this research paper attempts to lay out and address the potential risks related to: the financial institutions that use these technologies, consumers or customers and investors, and the pro-cyclicality and systemic risk in the markets. This requires the interaction and intervention of policy makers and regulators. Therefore, assessing the effects of deploying these new technologies and determining the benefits and risks related to their use concluded with proposals and recommendations for policy makers and regulators in the form of responses and directions aimed at supporting innovation in the field of AI in finance, while ensuring that its use is consistent with promoting financial stability, competition and market integrity, and guaranteeing the protection of consumers and financial investors.


Artificial Intelligence ; Finance and Financial services ; Policies and Regulations ; Risks