Les cahiers du CREAD
Volume 38, Numéro 4, Pages 37-62

Factors Affecting Digital Media Uses In Higher Education: The Case Of The University Of Tlemcen.

Authors : Grari Yamina .


This research aims essentially at the study of the factors that determine the pedagogical integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) by teachers at the University of Tlemcen (Algeria). Our work was built around the theoretical concepts relating to the educational uses of ICT and the factors that influence ICT integration in pedagogical tasks. This work starts from this standpoint and seeks to propose objective solutions that are expected to provide relevant elements of thinking about the problematic of the pedagogical integration of ICT in the Algerian universities.That is why we have chosen the University of Tlemcen, among the first Algerian universities and the main promoter institution of higher education in the country, as our main field of research. We propose a conceptual model encompassing the factors that affect ICT integration. The empirical study is conducted with 700 teachers (permanent, temporary and partners) of different fields and faculties of the University of Tlemcen.


ICT ; Innovation ; Higher Education ; Factors ; Integration