Bulletin des sciences géographiques de l'INCT
Volume 21, Numéro 1, Pages 36-40

An Improved Of Satellite Altimetry Data Processing Along The Algerian Coas

Authors : Rami Ali . Benkouider Touati .


In coastal systems, shorter spatial and temporal scales make ocean dynamics particularly complex, so the coastal domain represents a challenging target for processing of satellite altimetry data. The main objectives of this paper are to improve the altimetric measurement in coastal areas by analyzing the main problems related to atmospheric corrections that must be applied to this measurement to obtain a precise surface height.The processing of Saral/AltiKa Geophysical Data Records with in-house developed algorithms, including: re-tracking which is important for the last 7 km next to the coast; a more accurate wet troposphere correction (decontaminated correction) and better modelling of atmospheric effects permit us to determination the sea surface height over the Algerian coast.


Coastal Altimetry; Saral/AltiKa; Sea Surface Height; Ionosphere; Wet Troposphere; Dry Troposphere.

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