Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 15-22

Convection Mixte Dans Une Cavité Carrée Contenant Des Portes D’entrée Et De Sortie D’air

Auteurs : S Bouabdallah . A Medjelled . A Benchatti . A Hamini .


In this work, a numerical study of steady laminar mixed convection in square cavity ventilation was introduced. The cavity is filled with air (Pr = 0.71) and with two doors and out of the air. One of the walls of the cavity is subjected to a constant temperature Tc (lower wall), while the other walls are maintained adiabatic. The equations governing the mixed convection flow inside the cavity are solved by finite volume methods. The grashof number is fixed to 105, and the Reynolds number (Re) varied so that the Richardson number takes the values: Ri =0.1, 1, 2,5,10 and 10 (Ri = Gr/ Re2).The results were validated with experimental and other digital works. The influence of flow parameters on the structure of flow and thermal field is presented. The effect of variation of the positions of doors and out to the cavity was also examined. Our simulation results, to control the intensity of mixed convection and positions of the openings of the cavity for proper cooling of electrical assemblies.

Mots clés

mixed convection, Ventilated Cavity Square, finite volume method

étude De La Convection Mixte Dans Une Cavité Rectangulaire Horizontale Chauffée Latéralement

Louaraychi Abdellatif .  Lamsaadi Mohamed .  Naïmi Mohamed .  El Harfi Hassan .  Kaddiri Mourad . 
pages 12-16.