Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 30-44

The Place Of Practical Courses In Formal And Natural Science Fields In The Algerian Universities During The Pandemic: Examples From The University Of Msila

Authors : Hadji Ikhlas .


The outbreak of the pandemic and enforcement of social distancing in 2020 presented the Algerian higher education with challenges that were barely taken into consideration. Adhering to distance learning became necessary, and timetables encompassed a mixture of face-to-face and distant courses. The aim was imposing measures that can help control the number of individuals present within colleges to prevent any further outbreaks of the disease at universities. These regulations, however, seemed indifferent to natural and formal science disciplines which require practical classes. This paper reviews the timetables of final classes in the departments of biology and computer science in the University of M'sila during the pandemic as compared to those of previous years. Comparison shows that practical courses' assigned hours per semester were cut to less than a half, which may negatively impact students' future academic and professional careers. The first solution that this paper proposes for this issue is to consider the replacement of theoretical courses that require attendance with practical courses; wherein theoretical courses are preserved merely for distance learning. Additionally, higher education institutions can also plan distant practical classes that are broadcasted from within the institutions’ laboratories.


Pandemic ; computer science ; biology ; practical courses ; distance learning ; face-to-face learning