Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 12-29

English Foreign Language Students Attitudes Towards Online University Assessment: Limitations And Potential Solutions

Authors : Boukhentache Slimane .


Coronavirus disease of 2019 (Covid-19) has affected all life’s work, including teaching and assessment. Teachers and students throughout the world have faced a distinct context in which online assessment has to function fully. This paper focuses on University students’ opinion about online assessment during the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. A questionnaire was administered to 26 Licence English language students at Mohammed Seddik Ben Yahia University of Jijel. The aim of this data collection means and the study is to unveil possible limitations of English language online assessment and potential solutions to render this imposing practice of networked assessment effective and valid. The study revealed that most of the students had mixed feelings towards the use of online assessment, mainly because of internet problems, lack of technological means, and cheating; however, they equally reported liking home as a perfect exam-taking environment and having progressed in the use of internet and technological means. Finally, the study concludes that technological backwardness of the country is the major hindrance to online assessment; consequently, it suggests, among many other solutions, setting up a national plan for equipping both teachers and learners with cheaper computers and internet access.


Online assessment ; E-learning ; Covid-19 ; Assessment challenges ; Synchronous assessment