Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 829-846

Contribution Of G.i.s. For The Survey And The Management Of Water Resources In The Basin “benhandjir – Tirkount” (ain Sefra) – Mounts Of Ksour - Saharian Atlas – Algeria

Auteurs : Rahmani A. . Bouanani A. . Kacemi A. . Baba Hamed K. .


This work relates to the space numerical data processing, containing information having a relationship with the study and the management of the water resources of the basin of « Benhandjir – Tirkount » (Ain Sefra) characterized by his principal aquifer system of the lower Cretaceous sandstone. The study aims to geographical information system (GIS). The adopted methodology is based on two steps. The first approach practical was to reconstitute the aquifer geometry and study of the hydrodynamic and hydrochemical parameters. Analysis of an important variation of the flow and mineralization helped highlight the leading role hydrogeological fault “Ras Touil-Ain Sefra”. The second approach methodological, elaboration from the thematic analyses the synthetic map will serve as a support to a better approach for the management and to identify the zones that are most favourable to wells for the drinkable water, and the agriculture.

Mots clés

Ain Sefra – G.I.S. - water resources - lower cretaceous sandstone - fault “Ras Touil-Ain Sefra”.