Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 847-860

Thermal, Electrochemical And Mechanical Properties Of Shape Memory Alloy Developed By A Conventional Processing Route

Authors : Ahmad T. . Malik A. N. . Raza S. S. . Kamran M. . Manzoor M. U. . Salman A. . Hussain F. . Riaz F. . Ahmad R. . Akhtar M. N. .


A Cu based shape memory alloy (Cu-Al-Ni) having a composition 83% Cu, 14% Al, 3% Ni, was developed and studied to determine the shape memory effect. Powder of Cu, Al and Ni was melted in a pit furnace at about 15500C, and casted alloy was heat treated at 8500C for a period of 50 minutes followed by water quenching. Microstructure characterization of alloy (Cu-Al-Ni) was carried out to determine the pre-quenched (cast structure) and quenched martensitic structure. The microstructure analysis of developed samples showed needle like structure of quenched martensite after heat treatment. It has a very good resemblance with structure of casted shape memory alloy obtained from the vacuum induction process. The Vickers hardness test was also performed. Quenched microstructure with improved hardness than pre-quenched structure was observed.


Shape Memory Alloy, Microstructure, Mechanical Properties.