Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 9, Numéro 2, Pages 971-987

Phytoecological Study Of Tetraclinis Articulata In The Woodland Of Beni Affene, Sdamas Chergui (tiaret, Algeria)

Auteurs : Azzaoui M. E. . Maatoug M. . Berrayah M. .


The Mediterranean flora is definitely considered as an exceptional diversity that deserves particular attention to be conserved. This work aims to quantify the floristic diversity of Tetraclinis articulata of Beni Affane located at the woodland of Sdamas Chergui (Tiaret, Algeria). The factorial analysis of correspondences allowed us to jointly process the floristic and ecological variables, and confirm that there is presently an original floristic facies of Tetraclinis articulata. This study area contains 13 families and 21 species, where the dominating biological type is Chamaephytics (52 %). We have described as well five frequent species: Tetraclinis articulata 33 %, Pistacia lentiscus 11 %, Globularia alypum 8 %, Phylleria angustifolia 9 %, Rosmarinus tournefortii 15 %.

Mots clés

Tetraclinis articulata, Phytoecology, factorial analysis of correspondences, Beni Affane, Tiaret.