algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 33-39

Study Of Dispersion Of Brine Water Into Coastal Seawater By ‎using A Pilot ‎

Authors : Habet L . Benrachedi K .


The technologies used in water desalination are accompanied by ‎adverse environmental effects. There are several effects to be ‎considered in desalination plants, such as the use of the land, the ‎groundwater, the marine environment and noise pollution. ‎Seawater desalination plants are located by the shoreline, to ‎supply desalted water to the population of the main cities and for ‎other uses. The construction of both the desalination plants and all ‎the required infrastructure in coastal areas affects the local ‎environment. For instance, the high salt concentration in the brine ‎and several chemical products used in the desalination process ‎are returned to the sea. Most impacts on the marine environment ‎arise as a consequence of the brine discharge. In this paper, the ‎objective of this work consists to study the dispersion of the brine ‎discharges and its impact into marine environment. Then, a pilot ‎used to study the different parameters of dispersion such as ‎position of brine and depth and time of dispersion. Different points ‎of brine (P1, P2, P3) were studied horizontally and vertically ‎according to the ambient sea water. Experimental results obtained ‎show that dispersion of brine in best then position of brine point is ‎far and in down sea (P3).‎


brine, ‎ sea water, ‎ pilot‎

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