Revue d’Économie & de Gestion
Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 01-20

Examination Of Organizational Change Against The Implementation Of Transportation Management System (tms): Case Of Sarl Nouveau Pole

Authors : Belkacem Bouzida Ismahane . Merzoug Slimane .


This paper aims to examine the possible resistance to change induced by the implementation of the Transportation Management System (TMS) by SARL Nouveau Pole. TMS is one of the key technologies used by companies notably in the field of transportation and logistics for the tracking of goods and vehicles. Like any technological infrastructure, the implementation of TMS might be faced by a resistance to change by the employees that would prevent the company from reaching the desired objectives from the system’s implementation notably when it comes to sustainability and fuel reduction goals. This study is based on structured and semi-structured interviews with key informants from SARL Nouveau Pole and many drivers as well as direct observation and assessment. The results allow us to conclude that the TMS implementation by SARL Nouveau Pole was not based on the consultation and the involvement of the drivers and the other employees. This indicates that the objectives of economic and ecological driving are not taken into account by the top management.


Organizational Change ; Eco-driving ; Transportation Management System ; SARL Nouveau Pole