Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 151-165

Experimental Study And Development Of A Water Basin Used As Solar Sensor

Auteurs : Laouini S. E. . Ben Haoua B. . Ouahrani M. R. .


Energy sources play an important role in the development of humanity, with the industrial and technological evolution of our century. Energy demand is increasing every year, for this reason we must seek an alternate source of energy more specifically new and renewable energy including solar energy. Note that solar energy is abundant, especially the south-eastern Algeria, where solar radiation is significant in any year. Given that it is the cheapest of all other energy, many researches and experiments have been conducted to recover the maximum amount of renewable energy and to address the problems of use and operation to reduce and save energy traditional. This work concerns the development of a new device is a basin filled with water used as a solar plane and a storage medium. The results obtained are very important in terms of heating water, the water temperature at outlet of basin reaches up to 74 ° C, also the inlet temperature is 29 ° C.

Mots clés

Solar energy, renewable energy, solar, water heating, Oued Souf.