Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 85-93

Study Ofperformances Of Organic Solar Cellsbyanalysis Of Main Components

Auteurs : Merad Boudia M. R. . Ferouani A. M. . Cheknane A. . Benyoucef B. .


The analysis of the data is currently, in the statisticians, the object of a true phenomenon of mode, characterized at the same time by the passion and the rejection.To determine the characteristics of a whole of data are obviously not an end in itself, but this lapse of memory is unfortunate because the type of data available always influences the direction of research.The factorial analysis in normalized principal components (PCA), is particularly adapted to the reduction of tables of measurements, where one generally works on a matrix of correlation between characters.In this article we will report our results of analysis of performances of organic solar cellsby using what one call the datamining materials.All information was presented in the tables envisaged by an ACP method of the studied semiconductors.Factorial analyzes substitutes for primitive measurements of new variables or factors (which are linear combinations of the primitive variables) with the help of which it is thus possible to optimize the visualization of the data in a restricted number of figures. Large at the modo we present, the results related to the development of new approaches of Datamining, Analysis in principal components (ACP), of the data-processing techniques which were applied to organic semiconductors and combined with metals to predict new materials or best performing coatings.

Mots clés

organic solar cells, gap energie, effiency, PCA