Traduction et Langues
Volume 20, Numéro 2, Pages 23-47

The Impact Of Training On Cognitive And Interpreting Performance In The Short And Medium Term

Authors : Ukušová Jana . Hodáková Soňa .


The paper focuses on the issue of improving cognitive skills and interpreting performance in university education of future interpreters. In empirical research, the authors analyzed cognitive and interpreting performance of students (n = 60) in order to determine whether the quality of their performance is more influenced by predispositions in the form of specific cognitive skills or practical interpreting training in the short to medium term. The research analyzed students’ performance in the d2 test of attention (overall performance, accuracy, error rate and fluctuation), cognitive process regulation test (multitasking - task combining the addition test and listening span task), in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, taking into account the length and extent of practical interpreting training of students of individual degrees (bachelor’s and master’s).


attention ; cognitive skills ; consecutive interpreting ; interpreting training ; simultaneous interpreting