Sciences et Pratiques des Activités Physiques Sportives et Artistiques
Volume 6, Numéro 2, Pages 36-49

The Relationship Between Self-efficacy, Achievement Motivation And State Anxiety Among Football Player

Authors : Kenioua Mouloud . Boumesjed Abed El Kader .


The purpose of this study was to know the level of self-efficacy, to investigate self-efficacy, achievement motivation, and state anxiety of football players in different playing position and to reach of finding the relationship between self-efficacy, achievement motivation, and state anxiety of football players. The sample consisted of male amateur football players (N =61) between the age 16 and 19 years. General self-efficacy scale-Schwarzer (GSES), task and ego orientation in sport questionnaire (TEOSQ), Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (CSAI-2) were used to collection data. Descriptive statistics, kruskal-wallis Test and spearman’s correlation analysis were used to calculate data. The results indicated that there was high self-efficacy among football players. No statistically significant difference in football players’ self-efficacies, achievement motivations and state anxieties according to their playing position. And there was positive and significant correlation between self-efficacy and task orientation and between self-efficacy and self-confidence


self-efficacy; achievement motivation; state anxiety; football players