les cahiers du mecas
Volume 17, Numéro 4, Pages 68-79

The Impact Of Social Responsibility On The Promotion Of Organizational Loyalty : Research At University Of Tlemcen Directorate

Authors : Benyahia Chahrazed . Moussaoui Zahia .


Abstract: Social responsibility has recently shifted primary from voluntary initiatives in institutions and the protection of both social and environmental rights to become nowadays among its significant role is the process of developing human resources and encouraging them to enhance their performance. This present study sets out to investigate the impact of social responsibility on the orgaisatioal loyalty n in the university administration. As for the purpose of this study, a statistical analysis was carried out by means of a descriptive statistical approach SPSS.V22 . Moreover, 67 employees from different categories and departments were randomly selected as a sample population. Results reveal that social responsibility affects the organisational loyalty of the institution under consideration.


Social responsibility; ; human capital; ; organisational loyalty