La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 20, Numéro 3, Pages 78-96

The Tourism Promotion Strategy Key Factors: Comparative Study (algeria, Morocco And Tunisia)

Authors : Krim Yasmine . Lalaoui Khaled .


In almost every country, the tourism sector works as the engine of sustainable development and support for the economic growth. Amongst these countries, Algeria could be given as an example with its rich and diversified natural, cultural and historical assets, which makes it a privileged tourist destination. Nevertheless, only 02 million tourists visited Algeria in 2018, compared to Morocco and Tunisia, which both received, respectively 11 and 8 million tourists. In this article, we are going to analyze the Algerian tourism strategy and submit a marketing vision for its promotion, as well as review the key factors of the success achieved in Morocco and Tunisia in the same area.


Algeria ; promotion ; strategy ; marketing ; tourism