Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 2791-2800

Distribution Of The Endemic And Endangered Algerian Nuthatch (sitta Ledanti): Case Of The Larbâa Forest

Authors : Hamitouche Souad . Berkati Dalia . Choulak Ayoub Mohamed . Bougaham Abdelazize Franck .


Description of the subject: The Algerian Nuthatch is an endemic bird species in Algeria. It is classified as an endangered species by I.U.C.N. and it figures in the list of Algerian protected wild species. Despite its status, not many types of research have been done on it, especially concerning the study of its effectives. Objective : We propose to give an overview of the number of Algerian Nuthatch’s individuals, their densities, frequencies, their altitudinal and cartographic distribution in the Larbâa forest, one of the locations of the species. Methods : We have carried out our fieldwork during the 2019 breeding period. Thus, we have described the habitats (or dominant plant species) in the Larbaâ forest. The methods we have used to study the Algerian Nuthatch’s population, are that of the Echantillonnage Fréquentiel et Progressif (E.F.P.) and that of the Point counts. Results : The total number of Algerian Nuthatch’s individuals is 40 for an area of 700 ha in the Larbaâ forest. Their densities are 0.57 individuals per 10 hectares, and 0.19 pairs per 10 hectares. Also, we have found that they are most abundant in the habitat of afares oak species (Quercus afares) from 1007 to 1059 meters above sea level. Conclusion : The Larbaâ forest is home to the endemic Algerian Nuthatch. This endangered species is only known to occur in few forests located in the Kabylia of Babors (north-eastern Algeria). Nevertheless, the Larbaâ forest is subject to human activities that threaten the populations of the Algerian Nuthatch. Therefore, the protection of the Algerian Nuthatch is a priority nowadays.


Distribution ; endemic species ; Algerian Nuthatch ; forest ; Algeria