Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 2609-2616

Analysis Of The Food And Nutrition Security Situation In North Africa

Authors : Houichiti Rachid .


Description of the subject: The present paper aimed to review the actual food and nutritional security situation in North African countries, through the analysis of the main indicators of food security. Objective : The objective is to understand the overall food security situation in this region Methods : Analysis of food and nutrition security indicators. Results : Food availability is generally sufficient, however 4.15% of the population suffer from undernourishment. Furthermore, the nutritional situation is alarming for some population fractions. For instance, 17.82% of children under 5 years are stunted, 6.22% suffer from wasting and 31.88% of women at childbearing age have anemia. However, obesity in adults and overweight in child were 28.92% and 14.30% respectively. Conclusion : Improving the situation of food and nutritional security in North Africa requires additional efforts from decision-makers in these countries for improving economic access to food, ensuring balanced diet, increasing public awareness about healthy nutrition, reducing risks linked to food dependence and upgrading scientific research to meet future challenges, in particular climate changes and its impacts on local food production. Keywords : Anemia; Food and nutritional security; North Africa; Stunting; Undernourishment.


Anemia ; Food and nutritional security ; North Africa ; Stunting ; Undernourishment