La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 288-299

The Importance Of Innovation Technology For The Economic Development Of South-south Cooperation

Authors : Rahal Farah .


Innovation, creativity, technology and progress are vital for the economic growth and primitive for Southern nations in a globalized world. Though, the innovative technology system is yet an essential and challenging topic of research in economics, marketing, management and most actions have focused on the comprehension of this process in developed countries rather than in developing ones. The influence of South-South Cooperation and partnership is having an important impact nowadays and growing speedily. Southern countries are increasingly turning into home countries for Foreign Direct Investment flows originating from other industrially and economically developing nations. Since the late 1990’s, aid from one developing country to another appears even to grow faster than aid from developed to developing countries. This is the consequence of the increasing acknowledgment of Southern countries that they share common goals and that the chances of achieving them grow if they interact together. The emerging countries achieve target to increase in the volume and value of their commerce in services, manufactures, goods and materials. Nevertheless, this also has a significant impact on the economic system. During the past three decades, Southern countries’ economies have grown much faster than the Northern nations. Recently, emerging countries have been the top economic players in the world.


Southern Countries, Economic Diversification, Technological Innovation Progress