Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 156-165

Valorization Aboveground Of The Extract Of Compost Ovine For Fertigation Of The Vegetables Plants In Tunisia

Auteurs : M’sadak Y. . Jelali R. . Ali A. .


The main objective of this study was to highlight the fertilizing capacity of the extract of ovine compost (prepared to the simple infusion) in gardening nursery, while specifying the appropriate ratios of extraction and dilution ,for soilless plant fertigation intended for two strategic summer crops in Tunisia: seasonal tomato and seasonal pepper. It is clear that such extraction ratio of 1: 5 is effective for plants fertigation of two considered species. In addition, it has been shown that 200 times dilution of the concentrated extract is beneficial for the growth of tomato plants. However, this organic liquid fertilizer with different dilutions applied and in the experimental conditions adopted, wasn’t moderately efficient in stimulating the growth of pepper plants. The importance of this type of compost produced from sheep biomass, widely available in Tunisia, encourage the diversification of its exploitation, which is the object of this preliminary work, deserving more future investigations.

Mots clés

Compost, Compost Extract, Extraction, Dilution, Fertigation, Height Growth, Tomato and Pepper Plants.