Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 29-32

Comparative Study Of Frying Oil Pre-treatments For Biodiesel Production Using Green Chemistry Metrics

Authors : Outili Nawel . Miroud Insaf . Koliai Rayane . Kerras Halima .


In this work we have been interested in the pretreatment of cooking oils to reduce their free fatty acids (FFA), which have a negative effect on biodiesel production due to their saponification reaction in the presence of the basic catalyst used to activate the transesterification reaction. The application of adequate pretreatment of waste cooking oil recovered from university restaurants would consequently increase the yield of biodiesel production. Two pretreatment methods were performed: acid esterification (neutralization) as a chemical method and adsorption using activated carbon as a physical one. The results showed that the two methods gave the best results in terms of FFA conversion, but the adsorption pretreatment had the most greenness character with a green chemistry balance of 83.05% compared to 78.25% for esterification method.


frying oil ; biodiesel ; free fatty acids ; transesterification ; pretreatment ; green chemistry

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