Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 06-10

Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of A Laminar Flow Between Two Planes With Variable Slope

Authors : Ahmed Allali .


The present experimental and numerical investigation deals with problems related to hydrodynamic bearing, machine elements in which a thin film of fluid separates the surfaces in relative motion. The lubricating film is drained in the contact zone which forms a convergent space generating a hydrodynamic pressure. The developed pressure allows the total separation of the surfaces in contact and equilibrates the load. At the bearing the wear and the heat of the components are omnipresent which require the study of the related problems that may arise. The present work considers and treats the parameters which govern the behavior of the hydrodynamic bearings such as the film flow properties: speed, temperature, pressure, the slope of the inclined plane and the friction coefficient between the oil film and the bearing wall. The flow of the fluid in the lubricating film is made in laminar regime. We were able to deduce that an increase in the maximum pressure is observed with increasing speed and slope. The theoretical and numerical results of the pressure distribution show a good agreement with the experimental results.


Two Planes with variable Slope, laminar flow, pressure, lubrication.