Revue Finance & marchés
Volume 8, Numéro 3, Pages 01-24

Financial Sector In Algeria: Analysing Some Facts And Challenges

Authors : Larabi Aicha . Nassour Abdelkader .


This study aims to shed light on the apparent and hidden side of the development of the Algerian financial sector, along with the actions taken to improve its performance and correct its path back to its traditional functions. The sustainability of the financial sector enables the development and implementation of economic policies, including monetary policy to finance economic activity from savings and investment operations. The results of the study concluded that the reforms that affected financial sector in Algeria since independence until today have failed to restore the financial sector to its traditional functions and to activate it as a decisive factor in economic growth. But more than that, it has become almost completely linked like other sectors in Algeria to oil revenues. Hence, stimulating the Algerian financial sector requires urgent reforms rebuilding and using it to stimulate growth, address issues of monetary stability, and respond to shocks.


financial sector development ; economic growth ; monetary stability ; response to shocks ; Algeria