The Cradle of Languages مهد اللغات
Volume 3, Numéro 3, Pages 100-105

Interrogating Patriarchy And Traditions In Chenjerai Hove’s Ancestors And Calixthe Beyala’s The Plantation

Authors : Mzite Martha . Ishaya Nandi, Salome .


This article interrogates the portrayal and subversion of women and girls by patriarchy and tradition in post-colonial Zimbabwe. The study centres on Chenjerai Hove’s Ancestors and Calixthe Beyala’s The Plantation. Against the backdrop of patriarchy and domination, this article presents the pains of dishonoured maternity. In this regard, the cultural practices which not only degrade women but similarly exclude them from making decisions are also uncovered. This study questions the tyrannical powers that relegate women. Drawing from the feminist and sociological theories, this work aims to answer the following question: how do patriarchy and traditions hinder women’s autonomy? Finally, it is proposed that patriarchy is the reason for the problems of perpetual female subordination.


patriarchy ; subordination ; tradition ; women ; Zimbabwe