social and human sciences review مجلة العلوم الاجتماعية والانسانية
Volume 22, Numéro 1, Pages 605-622

Adopting Innovation Marketing As A Mechanism To Improve The Competitive Advantage Of Service Companies: The Algerian Insurance And Reinsurance Company (caar) Case Study.

Authors : Kerouani Meriem . Habbache Fares .


The dynamic nature of markets due to the rapid change in the tastes and desires of consumers and the increase in competition, made innovation marketing one of the modern means that the company must adopt to achieve competitive advantage. Through this study we aim to highlight the contribution of innovation marketing in the marketing mix to improve the competitive advantage of service companies. To achieve this objective, concepts related to innovation marketing and how it affects competitive advantage have been identified, and the experience of the Algerian insurance and reinsurance company (CAAR) has been analyzed, as it represents as a leading company in this field, we used the company's annual reports as a tool to collect the necessary data, To treat the subject of our study, we used the descriptive approach. One of the most prominent results of the research is that the adoption of innovation marketing by this company has improved its competitive advantage through innovation in the marketing mix.


innovative marketing ; marketing mix ; Competitive Advantage