Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 144-176

Awakening Against The Scourge Of Violence And Suicide In The Tunisian School Context. Study Conducted Among Tunisian Teachers To Find Out The Causes Of School Violence And The Control Measures, Practices And Opinions Of Practices Of Exchanges And Thoughts On Suicide.

Authors : Farhati Mohsen . Azzouna Atf .


In this study, we are interested in the phenomenon of violence that has become very prevalent in the Tunisian population, particularly the school violence experienced by the use of violence between students, students and teachers or students and administrative officials and even by suicidal acts leading to death caused by the same victim. In the context of school, our interest is for teachers, who alone, in a learning situation, in front of the student who can express his or her aggressiveness in action or self-deprecation, especially in the context of self-discipline since Tunisian educational institutions to examine their educational roles in the prevention and fight against this scourge.  Through a questionnaire on the causes and origins of school violence and subsequently asking teachers how to reduce it, we used the SPSS 25 software where we categorized and coded the variables for a study. statistics revealing a complexity of causes (from society, from school, from elsewhere)  Through a questionnaire on measures to combat violence, we found individual, social and general aspects in the teachers' responses where education and awareness had mobilized.  We questioned the teachers and noted that they do not practice exchanges and reflections on suicide prevention.


School violence ; suicide ; causes ; struggle ; education ; non-violence