Journal of social protection research
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 5-20

The Role E- Commerce In Boosting The Economic Growth Of Developing Countries

Authors : Aimeur Badreddine .


the purpose of this study is to give a better understanding of E-commerce concept and its role in boosting economic growth of developing countries by responding to the questions of how does E-commerce affect the economic growth of developing countries and what are the major barriers to E-commerce adoption by developing countries. our methodology consists of summarizing and synthesizing the relevant literature review on the subject in order to clarify the link between E-commerce and economic growth combined with a descriptive analysis of worldwide electronic trends. Electronic commerce has become an essential part of the global economy and represent the new trend of doing business worldwide in both developed and developing countries facing real challenges to overcome the different barriers in order to reach the trend and occupy their relevant place in the global economy by integration electronic commerce as key factor of economic growth.


E-commerce ; Barriers to E-commerce ; developing countries ; economic growth