Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 12-25

Agreement In Arabic Grammar, Study Of Loanwords

Authors : Ma'nawi Arief . Hadi Syamsul . Suhandano Suhandano .


One of the specificities of Arabic is the agreement in grammar, which includes several language units. The parts that correspond to other language units are gender, numbers, and cases. Conformity is also found in the definiteness, personal pronoun, from phrases to sentences. Deciphering the sentence from its constituent structure can show the suitability and relationship between the language units. This parsing model is equivalent to I'rāb in Arabic grammar. The model will be applied in sentences focused on loanwords. From this, it is known that loanwords try to adapt to Arabic grammar morphologically and syntactically. Agreement is not only a phonological adjustment that has been known from various linguistic researches, but also morphological and syntactical. Loanwords adjustments between units in dominant sentences include agreement in gender, amount, cases, and definition.


Arabic Language