Recherches psychologiques et educatives
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 65-82

بئر العاتر- تبسة. (somiphos) التصورات الإجتماعية لمصادر الإجهاد المهني لدى الإداريات العاملات بشركة مناجم الفوسفاط

الكاتب : طاهري زينة . خلاصي مراد .


Summary: This study aimed to identify the social perceptions of the sources of occupational stress among the management workers of the phosphate mines company (SOMIPHOS) based on theoretical approaches, where the researcher studied on a sample represented by all the management workers of the company and number edited by 14, following the descriptive analytical approach, and relied on the method of interview and the technique of free breakdown based on the method of analysis of content to reach the desired results, and concluded in the last The sources of occupational stress in the study sample perceptions are embodied in (occupational-organizational factors, psychosocial factors, intellectual factors, physical factors, environmental factors, personal factors, security factors) and these perceptions do not carry any positive orientations to the sources of occupational stress. Keywords: Social perceptions, sources of occupational stress, free breakdown, content analysis.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Social perceptions ; sources of occupational stress ; free breakdown ; content analysis