Langues & Cultures
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 71-91

Micro-scoping The Making Of Great Teachers: Pre-service Efl Teachers’ Views

Authors : Fersaoui Imane .


The present study explores qualified teaching. It aims at collecting pre-service EFL teachers’ views about great and qualified teaching. What is a great teacher? This is the main question leading the research in hand. 30 EFL student-teachers at the Teacher Training School of Bouzareah, Algiers, Algeria, were asked to answer the aforementioned question. Their answers were examined through the content analysis method. The traits that the sample stated were all extracted and analysed. Afterwards, the collected characteristics were tabulated, and the percentages of the recurrence of the traits were drawn. The study concludes that the most frequently mentioned traits are support and encouragement for learners (63.33%), understanding and tolerance (56.66%), then making learning enjoyable and fun (46.66%). This can imply that teachers may focus on these top three qualities in order to improve the quality of their teaching. This may also infer that a great teacher’s profile is made up of a collection of both ability and personality features. It is also essential to state that this is a case study, and that the findings can be quite ungeneralisable.


great teacher ; qualified teaching ; qualities ; pre-service teachers ; views