Volume 12, Numéro 1, Pages 63-89

الصحافة الأهلية في الجزائر وقضايا عصرها جريدة المنتقد 1925 أنموذجا

الكاتب : الواعر صبرينة .


Algerians knew the press only with the advent of the French colonizer, and the first newspaper was l’Estafette and le Moniteur newspapers that’s accompanied the French campaign on Algeria in 1830, after which the French administration established the newspaper Al-Mubasher, in which an official newspaper published its instructions and laws. In the course of time, Algerians have been telling the culture of newspapers, noting the French interest in reading newspapers, and in publicizing their issues, Algerians have decided in turn to establish newspapers expressing their demands, including El-Mountaqed published in Constantine 02 July 1925 by Sheikh Ibn Badis and a group of his companions. They clarified through the newspaper their reformist orientation and their attitude toward the French authority; they refused his policy that marginalizes Algerians. This awareness by the editors of El-Mountaqed newspaper made the French administration watch it and issue a decision to close it after issue N°18.

الكلمات المفتاحية

French administration; the press; El-Mountaqed; Ibn Badis; El Okbi.