les cahiers du mecas
Volume 17, Numéro 2, Pages 64-78

The Elements Of The Success Of Opening Islamic Windows In Traditional Banks( An Analytical Reading About The Most Important Requirements For Their Establishment Through The Reality Of Islamic Banking Globally)

Authors : Sebaa Fatma Zahra . Alam Khan Ahmadzai .


The subject of this research is concerned with studying the phenomenon of the tendency of many interest-based banks to establish subsidiary branches that provide Islamic banking services, and given the difference in the nature of the work of each of the interest banks and the Islamic branches affiliated to them, this research aims to identify the reality of the Islamic branches, the reasons for their origin and the characteristics that distinguish them from other branches The traditional nature of its work and the relationship between it and the interest-based banks that establish it, and this research aims to clarify the position of those interested in the affairs of Islamic economics from the Islamic branches and the ruling on dealing with them, and the economic effects of establishing those branches on the traditional banking system in general and Islamic banking in particular.


Keywords: Islamic windows, Islamic banking, Traditional Banking, Islamic branches.