Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 81-93

Using Multimedia Labs In Enhancing Efl Students’ Research Methods

Authors : Idri Nadia .


This research is part of a long-term project which started in 2012 as a pilot study. It aims at using technology and suggesting a new method of teaching research methodology via the six multimedia labs our university has since 2005. We collected data through two non-participant observation sessions with 15 volunteer students. The outcome of this hypothesis-generating pilot study is a hypothesis and a questionnaire. Results revealed that students showed interest in the use of labs but still face problems in using the computers. For teachers, labs have never been used with their full advanced functions but are still used as an audio material (in listening and phonetics). Finally, large-size classes and the wide number of groups (15 in 2012) make it challenging for the project to be effective. The study is in progress based on the above results.


multimedia lab - english as a foreign language - research methodology- Bejaia University - multimedia teaching