Revue Algérienne des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques
Volume 58, Numéro 2, Pages 928-954

In Quest Of The Legal Dimensions For The Protection Of Big Data After Corona Pandemic: The Case Of Intelligent Health Inventions

Authors : Badi Boukemidja Nadjiba .


Following the evolution of artificial intelligence which influenced several fields, including the field of health, we find the subject of the legal protection of the inventions that pertain to health, which imposes the consideration of the information, given that the principle, in this case, is the right of information, in particular at the time of obtaining a patent of the invention which supposes the disclosure of the confidentiality related to the inventive idea, except that in parallel this information is related to the personality of its owner. Therefore, the third party cannot gain access to it, because of this fact one is faced with personal information.


artificial intelligence ; data ; inventions ; health ; privacy