Volume 25, Numéro 2, Pages 138-146

Analysis And Identification Of Short Circuit Faults In The Complex's Electrical Distribution System Sider El-hadjar

Authors : Benhamida Hakim . Mesbah Tarek .


The difficulty in calculating the short-circuit currents lies essentially in the determination of the value of the impedance of the fault, the traditional calculation method consists in locating the fault of maximum short-circuit current at the starting head in the networks distribution. The objective is to determine the maximum currents by each departure, then to verify the dimensioning and the thermal resistance of the various equipment’s of the network and the future needs at the bar games 225kv, 63kv and 15kv. A new calculation of the short-circuit current must be calculated following the change of the topology of the distribution network to verify the reliability of the existing protection system. The calculation of short-circuit currents is a key step in qualifying the equipment to withstand the thermal and electromagnetic effects. The numerical method for calculating short-circuits currents requires modeling and simulations of the network studied with Cyme, a reference software for electrical distribution networks.


initial short-circuit currents, power supply system (SIDER-El Hadjar), thermal equivalent short-circuit current, Cyme software