Communication science et technologie
Volume 17, Numéro 1, Pages 87-94

Conception Of Passive Meander Coupler With Microstrip Waveguide Structure

Authors : El-bouslemt R. . Salah-belkhodja F. .


The new passives structures of a microstrip coupler was proposed and studied numerically in this work. The structure under study was made from a FR4 substrate (1mm thick). The HFSS is used to simulate the coupler and to generate accurate estimation of the transmission characteristics at operating frequency. The goal of this work is to design a «3 dB hybrid coupler. Two prototypes are proposed to get a better performance. These improvements include a reduction of insertion losses which should be around 2 dB and a larger bandwidth. The best circulation performance is obtained with an insertion loss of -2.80 dB, coupling loss and an isolation of -22.81 dB has been achieved by optimizing the structure at 2.30 GHz.


meander Coupler, microwave, S-parameters, passive components, microstrip, hybrid coupler bi-band

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