Volume 18, Numéro 1, Pages 209-227

Ahbas N'bouchen: When The Artificial Recharge Of Water Table Becomes A Priority In The M'zab Valley

Authors : Remini Boualem .


This article describes the role of the Bouchen dam in the artificial recharge of the water table and the irrigation of the palm grove of the oasis of Ghardaïa. This is how visits to the study site were carried out during the period: 2006-2019. Investigations on the various traditional structures were carried out. It turns out that in all the palm groves of the M’zab valley, the existence of two types of irrigation in the M’zab valley: temporal irrigation which is carried out directly by flood water laden with nutrients. Permanent irrigation which is carried out periodically from animal drawn wells. Ahbas N’Bouchen receives floodwater after the completion of temporary irrigation. The water stored in the Bouchen reservoir infiltrates indirectly through the bottom of the dam and directly through two wells located in the central part of the basin. This technique, applied for more than 5 centuries, has made it possible to satisfy the demand for drinking water from the ksar and the irrigation of the gardens of the Ghardaïa palm grove.


Ghardaia ; Ahabs N'Bouchen ; Replenishment ; Irrigation ; Water Table ; Palm Grove