Cahiers de Traduction
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 1-17

Traduction Et Culture : L’impact De La Traduction Des Caricatures Politiques Sur Les Représentations Et Les Perceptions Culturelles De L’autre

Auteurs : Benaouda Adila .


Abstract : This article deals with the theme of "translation and culture: the impact of political cartoon translation on cultural representations and perceptions of the Other". Because contemporary societies form a globalized world with cultural and linguistic differences and that alongside the media revolution, the media product has spread and media translation has become more and more complex due to the specifics of these media, I approach in my presentation, a new way of considering translation by its effect on the receiver. The materialization of the act of translating through representations via caricatures. The analysis of some examples of political cartoons and the translation methods used, will allow us to highlight the implication of the latter in textual and cultural intercomprehension and the consequences on the representation of the facts to answer the main problematic namely : How has the perception of the Other been translated in the media on the basis of the translation of various political cartoons produced during the contemporary conflict between the Arab World and the West?

Mots clés

translation, culture, media, political cartoon, perception, Other, Arab World, the West.