Annales de l’université d’Alger
Volume 35, Numéro 1, Pages 1019-1035

Reforming Security And Justice Sectors Between Algeria And Turkey

Authors : Rouabhi Amar .


There is no doubt that the justice system and the security sector between Turkey and Algeria have many common elements, At least before the beginning of the third millennium, The both Countries have known military coups, where the actual military authorities have ruled the judiciary and security. But Turkey has made giant strides in subjugating the military to the elected civilian, We, as foreigners, see the result of all this in the failed military coup. But this way has not been easy. It has been intertwined to achieve its impressive results: political, legal and economic reforms. Through this Artcile, I would like to explore Turkey's legal and political reforms to reach an independent judiciary and a "security sector" fully subordinate to the elected civil authority, and there is no doubt that Algeria is in dire need of this experience. I claim that this is the first research of this topic will study and compare between Turkish and Algerian cases focusing on justice and security sectors, and especially linked all that with democratic transition, and the Article’s creative aspect is that it combines two important sectors that represent the stick of tyrannical regimes: the justice and security sectors, whose its reform is seen as opening the way to genuine democratic transition.


Reforming Justice Sector ; Reforming Security Sector ; Democratic Transition ; Algeria ; Turkey