Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 4, Numéro 2, Pages 25-33

Numerical Study Of Natural Convection In A Closed Cavity

Authors : Zermane Samah . Boulkroune Nadjet . Bouneb Nardjess .


In this work we present a numerical study on natural convection in a square cavity heated from below, the upper wall is adiabatic and the vertical walls are maintained at a constant cold temperature. The equations governing the phenomenon are described using the formulation "current function ψ and vorticity ω". The system of equations obtained and adimensionalized - after discretization by finite differences - is solved using the scanning method, and the Thomas algorithm for temperature and vorticity, and in an iterative way (NLOR) for the current function. A Fortran Language calculation code was created to have the entire structure of the fluid inside the square cavity.


Natural convection ; NLOR ; Square cavity ; Finite differences