Traduction et Langues
Volume 19, Numéro 2, Pages 176-200

Systématisation Sociolinguistique Et Contact De Langues Dans Le Discours Radiophonique : Cas De L’émission Génération Musique De La Radio Fm/ Mostaganem Sociolinguistic Systematization And Language Contact In Radio Discourse: Case Of The Generation Music Program Of Radio Fm/ Mostaganem

Auteurs : Boutammina Boudjemaa Ali .


This article, at sociolinguistic systematization in Algeria, will enable us, according to a diachronic sociolinguistic observation, to clarify the language practices during Algerian radio broadcasts such as the Music Generation broadcast on Radio FM/Mostaganem, by means of an observation. On the coexistence of the Arabic and French languages. To do this, we successively address, in this article, the phenomenon of language and contact of languages (classical Arabic - French - Arabic dialect) and their coexistence in the same radio program.

Mots clés

Code;Alternation ; Language Contact ;Multilingualism; Variation