Traduction et Langues
Volume 19, Numéro 2, Pages 149-158

Du Monde Imaginaire Au Monde Humain : Géocritique De Le Fils De La Femme Mâle De Maurice Bandaman From The Imaginary World To The Human World: Geocriticism Of The Son Of The Male Woman By Maurice Bandaman

Auteurs : Kassi Koffi Jean-jacques .


The FL teaching / learning requires the exploration of new didactic tracks except those already in place. In our case, and in order to increase the possibilities of improving communication skills in French as a foreign language, it is a question of resorting to the television platform. Methodologically, and nothing but the level of the oral comprehension, for example, the authentic speeches in French are often characterized by such a complexity that even the linguistic competence, on its own, cannot account for all their significant scope. The communicational scope of certain cultural-heavy discourses, as the example we propose in this modest article, requires on the part of the teacher a new refocus on the encyclopedic competence, as a subsidiary form of cultural competence, but how decisive to decipher the messages which shape exolingual communication in French. To do this, the television tool embodied by the fiction-documentary proves to us to be very interesting, since, by its contribution in audiovisual information, it will facilitate access to some hidden forms (but which are both quite obvious and implicit for the native speaker) of the meaning inherent to any authentic production in contemporary French.

Mots clés

Didactics of FFL; audiovisual platform; encyclopedic competence; television forms; fiction-documentary.