Revue des sciences et sciences de l’ingénieur
Volume 8, Numéro 1, Pages 01-08

A Numerical Simulation To Achieve A High Efficiency: Influence And Optimization Of Thickness And Doping Concentration Of Emitter Layer Of Heterojunction Solar Cells

Authors : Selmane Naceur .


HIT silicon hetero-junction TCO/n-a-Si:H/i-a-Si:H/p-c-Si/p+-a-Si:H/BSF solar cells attract special interest due to their suitability and high efficiencies, in this study, we present a numerical simulation of the influence of emitter layer on the performance of silicon heterojunction solar cells. The basic parameters of TCO/n-a-Si:H/i-a-Si:H/p-c-Si/p+-a-Si:H/BSF heterojunction solar cells, such as layer thickness, doping concentration, interface defect density, back surface field (BSF) layer, are important factors that influence the carrier transport properties and the performance of the solar cells.. Thickness and doping concentration of the emitter layer are optimized here. With optimal parameters, high simulated TCO/n-a-Si:H/i-a-Si:H/p- c-Si/p+a-Si:H BSF,solar cell characteristics can be achieved in terms of conversion efficiency (25.62%), open circuit potential (VOC= 744 mV), short circuit current density (JSC= 42.43 mA/cm2) and fill factor (FF= 83.7%).The Automat for Simulation of Heterostructures (AFORS-HET) program is used.


AFors-HET; Heterojunction solar cells; Emitter layer ; Thickness; Doping concentration; High efficiency. ; AFors-HET ; Heterojunction solar cells ; Emitter layer ; Doping concentration

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