Volume 10, Numéro 3, Pages 2076-2087

First Record, Phylogenetic Analysis, And Key To Lactarius Mediterraneensis (russulales, Basidiomycota) And Its Related Species In Tlemcen’s National Park ( Algeria)

Authors : Benfriha Abderrezzaq . Belhoucine Guezouli Latifa . Boughalem Mostafia . Tefiani Choukri . Barka Fatiha . Maazouz Sarah . Nadour Hayat . Bouchachia Smail . Kong Won Sik . Han Jae Gu .


Description of the subject: The Lactarius genus has always attracted the interest of mycological researchers and has therefore occupied an important position in the world of mycology, from which comes the importance of exploring our little-known macrofungal diversity. This study was done in Tlemcen’s National Park. The goal of the study is to explore the national park of Tlemcen in order to discover the biodiversity of Lactarius genus, particularly those of socioeconomic and scientific interests. Methods: Samples collected during the rainy season were identified based on their macroscopic and microscopic characteristics, then the results were confirmed by a molecular phylogenetic analysis based on the sequences of the ITS region. Results: The use of molecular identification in this study allowed us to identify three species of Lactarius, which form ectomycorrhizal associations with pine trees (Pinus halepensis) or Quercus (Q. ilex and Q. fagenia). Among these, L. sanguifluus has already been reported previously in the central part of the country, but L. mairie and L. mediterraneensis are a new record. Conclusion: This current study carried out in Tlemcen’s National Park (HOT SPOT of Biodiversity), reports the presence of three species; of which two of them are rare. The rare species includes: L. mairei and L. mediterraneensis recorded for the first time; and L. sanguifluus, a common excellent edible mushroom, and widely appreciated for its high market value in Europe especially in Spain.


Lactarius ; Tlemcen’s National Park ; Algeria ; molecular phylogenetic analysis ; ITS

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